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We offer professional, cost effective and discreet investigative services at competitive rates. Volume discounts are available upon request. Member of Texas Association of Licensed Investigators.

Investigative Rate
$90 Per Hour
Criminal, Civil, Domestic Relations , Arson, Insurance Fraud Litigation Support,
Accident Reconstruction

Forensic Financial Investigative Rate
$185 Per Hour
Business and Individual Financial Fraud and Theft

Surveillance and Undercover Rate
$90 Per Hour
Plus 57 ½ cents per mile and out of pocket expenses, such as toll fees, etc.

Computer/Internet Investigative Rate
$100 Per Hour
Includes all computer diagnostics and analysis at Home or in the Office

All Secondary and Group Rates
$35 Per Hour
Includes installation of surveillance devices

Pre-employment Background Check
$100 Flat Rate
Includes verification of applicants name, address, former address,
Drivers license /Social Security information and professional licenses held.

Full Background Check including Asset Check
$250 Flat Rate
Includes all of the basic background check information and:
United States civil/criminal court checks, DEA active check, Voting record verification,
Civil consumer suite check, Family Military background, Federal/State assumed
names check, Federal US Marshalls check and employment history check

Process Service
$85 Flat Rate – Comal County
Rush Service or for each county line crossed – add $15
Priority Service or Nighttime, Weekend and Emergency 24-hour service – add $25

Court Room Testimony
$90 Per Hour

Travel Cost
57 ½ cents per mile
All other travel expenses billed at cost