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Surveillance & Video Documentation

Domestic cases, locate witnesses, fraud, abuse, employee theft, criminal and civil investigations.

Background Checks

Do you really know who you are hiring or doing business with? That is a question that we all must ask from time to time.



Legal Profession

  • Civil/Criminal Investigations
  • Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Employee theft
  • Domestic cases
  • Forensic domestic investigations – undisclosed asset/income discovery
  • Surveillance including video documentation


  • Pre-employment investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Criminal history investigation
  • Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Employee theft investigations
  • Forensic Business investigations

Insurance Industry

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • On-site medical records
  • Death benefits entitlement
  • Surveillance including video documentation
  • General Liability


  • Cheating spouse investigations
  • Activities and whereabouts of children
  • Social media, email, text and cell phone analysis

Insurance Fraud


Background Check


Civil / Criminal Investigations


Process Service


Employment Investigations


Cheating Partners / Child Custody

Who We Serve

Insurance Industry

Legal Profession

Corporations & Small Businesses

Individuals & Families

Our Mission

RJM Investigative Services will conduct investigations within the limits of decency; the investigations will be unobtrusive and limited and calculated to obtain client information; the investigations will occur over a reasonable period of time.  RJM Investigative Services cannot guarantee the outcome of the investigation; however we can guarantee that you will receive the highest level of service, the best efforts of our investigators, and honest results.